TIPS for SOON-TO-WEDS:Matters About The Wedding Guest List

Your big day is yours to enjoy with the people you love and the ones you know who are happy for you. Make the right list!

As a Wedding Planner, here are my thoughts on matters about inviting guests and making the list.

In every occasion that we have in our lives it is only necessary to invite the important ones. It is not mandatory that you invite the whole neighborhood, the friends of your siblings, all the kumpares and kumares of your parents and most especially it is not required for you to invite all your officemates and batchmates. Provided that there will be some “Tampo” issues that might arise but soon it will also subside. What matters most is you have the people who love you and those who will do whatever it takes just to be with you on your special day.

They are the kind of people who will never complain about the attire that you asked them to wear. The ones who will immediately respond to RSVPs because they will not afford to miss your big day. Those who are excited to do long travel just to make it on time before you march. Those people who will patiently register and wait for their turn on the buffet, those people who will participate on your program and the people who still want to stay even if your done with your program.

Just enjoy every moment of it, make the most of your big day. There is no room for regrets on your wedding day. Just be happy.

Here is a simple guide.

Rank your guests.

1 – HIGH priority (guests you can’t live without – Immediate Family Members, Entourage, Super BestFriends)
2 – MEDIUM priority (guests who are so dear to you and very important to be there for your big day)
3 – LOW priority (everything will be ok regardless if they will be there or not)

Criteria …

Will they make us happy? Yes or No
Will they stay until the end of the program? Yes or No
Will they exert all the effort with no hesitations and no complains just to make it on time for our wedding? Yes or No
Will they bring extra people or kids we are not comfortable with? Yes or No
Will they make our wedding memorable and fun? Yes or No
Is it really necessary for us to invite them or we are just forced to do so? Yes or No

I hope this can help you to have a tailored guest list for your big day. Happy preps.

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