At The Beginning Planning & Event Management

You have finally made the decision that you want to get married. Are you a clueless bride? Don’t have any idea how to plan your big day? Afraid that you might go over your budget or might have booked an incompetent supplier. However, just like in your profession or business you want to oversee and have some other person take care of the time consuming work of research and running around from one supplier to the other.

Budgetary concerns are always on the top of the list. Consultation begins as soon as your have engaged our services. Through unlimited number of correspondence and a maximum of 10 meetings, together we will make sure that your event will be fashioned in such a way that the general theme would reflect your personal style. From the start of preparation until the end, GEMBSO Team will be there for you. You must have a date, at least the ceremony and reception location in mind. Mostly availed of couples based in another country and those who do not have enough time. Planning starts usually 6-12 months before the wedding.

Meet Halfway Coordination & Event Management

You have gone through initial preparations but later realized that you may not have the time or lack something else to make it happen on your special day. Afraid of keeping track of all those nitty-gritty details on your list? Scared of thinking how mess the reception might be? Or are you just plain nervous? Fear not! GMEBSO Team makes it sure that we take over and continue whatever you have started and stay with you until the reception ends. Almost 50% of the planning is already done! Planning starts usually 4-6 months before the wedding.

On The Day Coordination

(Not just your ordinary OTD)

Now you have prepared for your wedding and almost done with the preps. But the big question is who implements what when everyone else is busy? GEMBSO Team will make sure that all your planning will not go to waste by ensuring its smooth and trouble-free execution. We will be handling all those unpredictable emergencies and uncompleted details that may over those grueling days. Our expertise will assure you that even with the last minute consultation and changes you will have a wonderful and worry-free celebration. Planning starts usually 2-4 months before the wedding.