Heartfelt Messages for GEMBSO

Ate Maj,
Carlo and I just wanted to express our big thanks again to you and your team for all your help with our wedding. As I mentioned before, we only asked for an organized and fun wedding but you and your team worked amazingly beyond our expectation!
For us, it was just perfect!
Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a Gembso Bride even before my husband proposed to me. I saw how professional and great they were in my cousin’s wedding and right then and there, I knew that Gembso is the one. Parang na-love at first sight lang. 😬 Idagdag pa ang advices ng mga pinsan/tita/tito/friends na nakakakilala sa kanila. Walang ibang sinabi kundi “magaling yan!”. And yes, we’re very glad that we made the right choice (our only choice!).
So after my husband proposed to me last Oct 2016, Gembso was one of the first suppliers that we immediately booked as we wanted to be sure that they are available on our preferred date. Week after we booked them, we received several wedding templates for us to complete. My initial reaction was “hala! Ang dami naman neto!” Haha.. but as I went through them, I realized that they were such a big help in planning our wedding. From payment schedule, to guest list, to suppliers directory, to crew meals, to music planner, etc.. Name it, kumpleto ang templates nila! And promise, you will be thankful for those templatessss as each is very essential in making your dream wedding as organized as you wanted it to be.
Ate Maj made everything so easy for us given that my husband was working abroad. She answered all our queries any time of the day! Even the spelling of our entourage names sa invitation, nacheck at nacorrect pa nya. 👏🏼 I’ve seen how keen she is even on the littlest detail. And unlike other wedding planning, ours had few bumps along the way (na dumating yung point na ininform na namin si Ate Maj na gusto namin imove ang wedding date ng 2018) but Ate Maj made everything seamless. We only had 2 meetings before the wedding but everything went perfectly as planned on the day itself – and it even exceeded our expectation!
Carlo and I cannot thank you enough for helping us put together the day we will never forget. You made our wedding enjoyable, memorable, fun and stress-free! Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na balik-balikan ang mga wedding pictures at videos because what we felt was pure joy! We truly appreciate all that you did. Thank you so much, Ate Maj and the whole Gembso team, for making our dream wedding come true! 💕
Love lots,
Fatima & Carlo Del Mundo
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Carlo & Fatima made GEMBSO their #OnlyChoice


Maj, together with her GEMBSO Angels, made sure our wedding day was fun, relaxed but organized! Maj was always quick to respond to every inquiry in a positive and friendly manner, no matter how complicated or trivial the matter is. She is open to ideas and eager to walk the extra mile just to perfect her craft. Truly “Batangas Finest!”

Thank you very much GEMBSO Events and Beyond for all of your hard and amazing work. We are so glad and privileged that we had your expertise from planning to execution of our big day.

Joey and I will miss those hearty meals and warm chats after our meetings. More power to you and your team!

Joey & Tina Buensuceso





Joey & Tina, Lovers in Taiwan


Thank you for everything! It was a job well done… My guests commented that despite of the unpredictable weather, the event was very organized and well-planned! It’s all because of your efforts! Thank you for everything, it was indeed a job well done! The contract only binds us for one day, but the friendship is what I expect to bind us for a lifetime! I’m so grateful to meet new friends! Once again, thank you very much! Cheers! Jerome and I would like to thank also your team! All of you who took part of the event are really wonderful people!

Jerome and Ycel Soltes-Pastor

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Jerome and Ycel Soltes-Pastor


Choosing Ate Maj & Gembso is one of the best decisions that we have made for our wedding. The way she handled everything, there is no doubt that they are very well trained and expert in this kind of business. We booked Ate Maj as our On-the-day wedding coordinator, and to our delight, she never left us from day 1! She was very accommodating to all my messages, and to all my questions considering how “makulit” I was. She helped us along the way and also made sure that everything that we have pictured and imagined will be possible. She helped us contact the best yet affordable suppliers. She also made sure that we were still on-track; budget wise and schedule-wise. She went beyond her scope as our OTD coordinator.


What I like about ate Maj is her sincerity on what she does. Whenever we share our ideas of what we would like to happen in our wedding, she would give her honest opinion on it right there and then.If she thinks it is not possible, she will tell you with all honesty and sincerity. She’s not the type who would say yes to all your ideas just to please you. She will give suggestions but she will leave all the decisions up to you. We also liked her tough personality. We never doubted how she would handle things. For us, wedding planners/coordinators should have these qualities.


Ate Maj made sure that GEMBSO Team will guide us all the way. While we’re planning our wedding, my fiancé (now husband) and I were very confident that we made the right decision. We were very confident that everything will go smoothly because we chose the best. And she never failed us. I will never forget all the meetings that we had. I will also never forget how every after our meeting I will feel relieved and excited. I would always tell Jruz “Iba talaga si ate Maj, natatanggal lahat ng worries ko”. And Jruz would often tell me “I’m sure Maj can handle it very well because she seemed very expert and she knows what she’s doing”.


During our wedding day, everything that we had planned was executed very well. Tasks were distributed to all the Gembso angels. I was relaxed all the time. It helps knowing and seeing your wedding coordinator as relax as she seems.  As a bride, we would always want a perfect wedding, but I do understand that wedding coordinators are not magicians. There are still circumstances which can be unforeseen, and which you cannot control, but as long as your wedding coordinator knows what she’s doing, there is no need to worry. Ate Maj and her team are very well prepared (hindi mo pa sinasabi, alam na nila ang gagawin nila).  From repairing a broken zipper of a bridesmaid’s dress to bringing shawls (matching our motif-enough for my bridesmaids, kasi kung wala, hindi papayagan maglakad ang mga abay ko)! They just know what to do as if they already experienced it before! Ate Maj and her team did not disappoint us!

We are very grateful to have chosen Gembso Events and Beyond. We can’t imagine having anyone else. We had a wonderful and memorable wedding plus we gained a wonderful friend who really knows how to cook! Ahahhaha.



Gembso Events and Beyond really made us secure and brought the peace of mind to us which I know, is the most essential feeling amidst one of the most important day of our lives.  The service that they gave is really a value for the money.

You may compare their rates to other event organizers/coordinators but the dedication,  expertise and most importantly the passion for the work that this team have shown is really incomparable. Really, one of the best choices we’ve made is choosing Gembso Events and Beyond!

So if you want to have a successful wedding event, choose wisely! Choose Gembo Events and Beyond!


Thanks! Gembso! We really are grateful for the job well done! Cheers!

 -Joel & Laisa Cruz

Joel & Laisa


Time really flies, a year ago, We chose GEMBSO Events & Beyond to be part of our dream wedding.  Hiring a wedding planner was our first priority on our list. Being an overseas couple, we believe that behind a beautiful and memorable wedding is a highly experienced wedding planner like Ms. Majelle Magpantay.  “BEYOND” is indeed the fitted word for her team, beyond our expectation.  We really felt EASY, WORRYFREE and STRESSFREE in planning our wedding; from the initial wedding to exchange of FB messages/E-mails until the actual wedding day.  Ms. Majelle’s constant communication and updates made the whole process run smoothly and we enjoyed to the fullest the most important day of our lives as married couple. We were overwhelmed with the coolest feedback from our guests and suppliers.



To Ms. Maj we cant thank you enough for all the care, support, advice and honest opinions on every details of the wedding.  We will be forever grateful for making our big day successful.  More power to you and your angels.  YAN ang #ALAGANGGEMBSO

Jojo & Charmaine Abante

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A Thank You Message From Jojo & Charmaine


My husband and I have been married for almost 8months. Whooah! So fast! And when we received our wedding videos, we saw and felt once again how amazing and lovely our wedding day was. There were many people who worked to make our dream wedding come true and my husband and I would like to grab this opportunity once again to sincerely give our big THANK YOU to Gembso Events and Beyond family especially to ate Maj for coordinating our dream wedding. No words can express how much we appreciate all the things you did to help make our wedding a success. Thank you for some supplier recommendations. We were truly glad that you have had extensive experience in the industry because you were able to arrange some discounts and concessions that time. Lahat nasosolusyunan mo in a very poise, calm and professional manner. You’re an amazing and brilliant wedding coordinator ate Maj! You are very committed to your work and that’s what make you even more exceptional. We were blessed to have and know you. More power and blessings to you and the rest of the team! 😘

Gembso Couple,
Angiela and Errol Lumanglas

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Heartfelt Message from GEMBSO Couple Errol & Angiela



Ate Maj, whenever Laurence and I look back to our wedding day, we will always remember the effort the whole Gembso team exerted. Especially you, who made us feel that planning our wedding was more than just a business. That issue with the buffet setup during the wedding day itself, made us appreciate you even more- truly #alagangGembso.


I was so happy my google search for a Batangas based coordinator brought me to your site. But even happier that I followed my instinct, and booked you right away just after our 30min conversation.

Our wedding day was how we dreamt it would be, made possible by your professionalism and care. I remember how our friends and relatives expressed their positive feedbacks about how good you were during the reception program. Special mention to Ate Rose, who made me feel every inch calmed and taken care of, until the end of the day. It was a stress-free, lovely, and blissful wedding – our best day ever!

From the bottom of our hearts,
a very big THANK YOU

❤ Laurence and Elaine (extremely satisfied GEMBSO couple)😄




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Laurence & Elaine #LDRworks


GCT-Bryan and Leanda1It’s been a few months already but I can still remember when Bryan proposed May 2015, I remembered I readily inquired if you’re available on our target wedding date, but unfortunately you’re already taken then. 😔 Nonetheless since that day you’re already helping me with some of my queries and giving me suggestions especially I’m really clueless on how to start with the preps. But God has his own plans, although we were not able to pursue the church wedding last 2016, He gave it to us the year after. We are so blessed that all our chosen suppliers from the first time we planned this wedding are still the same suppliers that we got and that includes Gembso as our coordinator. 😊

Being far makes me more anxious regarding the preps. Given that I’m already anxious from the start because as much as I want to be hands on with everything, I just can’t; and with you always there to answer all my questions and give me just the right suggestions I needed ease away from all those anxieties. Your templates are overwhelming but helpful indeed. You are always there basta may tanong ako that it doesn’t look like my time difference tayo napapaisip nga ako noon kung natutulog ka pa ba? 😜 You make us see reality in such events that we are able to prepare for it. Our meetings are on point. May konting chikahan but we never missed any details of our concern. Madali ka kasi kausap. It shows your professionalism and expertise in this field. Not only that, I know kasama kita sa pagpray ng good weather ng panahong yun at lahat n ng pangontra sa ulan naisip din natin. 😊
GCT-Bryan and Leanda2
The big day came, and I remember na anxious ako noong una pero when you arrived together with your angels, kumampante na ako. I reminded myself like what you told me before na wag pakastress ang bride. I enjoyed every moment and it was such a wonderful day for us. Thanks to you and your angels, as well as all the suppliers for that day. It was a pleasure working with you. Much love and God bless!

From your Gembso bride,
Leanda Aquino-Geron

Holy Trinity Parish Church
Club Yolanda


God has his own plans! You are meant for us, Leanda & Bryan #LBroadtoforever


It’s been only a little over a month now since our wedding day. My husband and I have been so blessed to have all the support of family and friends when we decided to get married. I personally expected to experience a lot of stress and challenges during the wedding planning period only because you hear a lot of “horror” stories from previous brides. To be truly honest, there was no day in the process that came close to my fears. I had the smoothest wedding planning process up to the day itself and I can only be thankful to all the love and support of our parents, my husband, and Maj of GEMBSO.

Long before the wedding, I knew I had to get a wedding coordinator. Even if my husband and I knew exactly what we wanted for the wedding day – which suppliers to get and all the details in between – someone professional had to be behind the most special day in our lives. Wedding coordinators do not just “plan” your wedding, they execute what you want the way you like it and they deliver. With years of experience, we knew that only GEMBSO can do it.

As an event organizer myself (although in a different industry), I tend to be very particular with details in the different aspects that make an event successful. I know exactly what goes behind the curtains during a show/event and it’s so much work than what meets the eye. During our first meeting with Maj, my husband and I instantly knew it had to be her and her team. A lot of people would say she is tough, frank, and strict, but that’s exactly what the job calls for. At that moment, we knew she could handle anything.

Months passed and there was no day that she did not assist us with everything we needed. She was always so “extra” with her tips and tricks to a fun and light planning session. She had everything – from contacts to music ideas to props. She spoke with so much knowledge in the profession and we knew it will be worth it.

For couples who wish to tie the knot soon and are considering to hire a wedding coordinator, remember that it’s also important to keep an open mind during the planning period. They are called professionals for a reason. They are not hired to follow everything you ask for; they will try to align your ideas so you can have a smooth wedding day. Things may get challenging but have faith in them because they will deliver to the best of their abilities. GEMBSO truly played a big role in making our wedding day memorable. 5 weeks later, we can look back and remember how everything was carried out smoothly and beautifully. Thank you, GEMBSO!

📷 TeamBenitez

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Ina Gonda-Ramos now married to Jomar Ramos on GEMBSO #RoadtoRamos2017

Have you ever realized your worth in your chosen field or profession? I just want to share this message from one of my GEMBSO Couples. Their message of appreciation and gratitude keeps me going and love my job even more.


I have known Ate Majelle for so long. She was a schoolmate since elementary and high school. She was also one of our church youth group’s (KALIS-SMEP) leaders that I’ve looked up to and grown up with. There’s no question that she’s really a good person, but from our recent endeavor together her great personality and how beautiful a person she is had shine so brightly and had been deeply engraved in Baby’s and my heart.

I’ve gotten married recently and got Ate Majelle as our on-the-day coordinator. But that was not our original plan. From the start of our wedding preparations, we thought Ate Majelle’s service was quite pricey and opted to book another “cheaper” alternative (discounted maybe, but I tell you, it’s not cheap at all).But since wedding preparations does not go smoothly and perfectly as planned (especially for demanding and brutally honest persons me and Baby are) there were several changes along the way. 12 days before our wedding, for some “professional” reason, our photo-video team decided they could not work with us anymore and to add more insult to injury, our “professional” coordinator decided that she would be out of reach for 23hours while the whole fiasco was going on!!

I needed a coordinator real quick. And more than that, I needed a friend. With my Math/Logical/Statistics/Algo brain still turned on (this happened while I was at work), my brain started searching within my imaginary phone book looking for an intersection of Event Coordinator AND Friend groups. And that’s when I thought of Ate Majelle. Called her immediately, my reception was bad and then she called me. Me and Baby was in panic mode and did not know what to do. But we called the right person. From that time, everything was great and perfect. We managed to set up a great team from great people and developed great new friendships with everyone who worked with us on our Wedding.
This is not a paid advertisement, but I’d like to point out some points on how professional Ate Majelle really is:

1) She eats, sleeps and breaths Templates. Right after our first meeting, 11 days from the wedding, even before the meeting was over, we’ve already received 5 emails with 5-10 templates each. Templates/Forms we need to fillup to give all the details of our wedding. This just shows how organized and detailed she is on her work.
2) She’s always 5-10 mins early. And I was always late. But she’ll always remind you how important time was.
3) She does not procrastinate, she sticks to her schedules. Her OTD Coordination is not really “on-the-day” it starts weeks and months before the wedding. This is to make sure that her OTD coordination works PERFECTLY ON THE DAY.

But we do not consider her to be the best Wedding Coordinator because of the points above. It was because she was a friend. She was human. She shared our emotions. She shared our dream. She shared the load of being passionately in love of having a great day on the day of our wedding. Weddings are for one very emotional. Wedding couples are very emotional, and Ate Majelle understood that. I have forgotten how Me and Ate Majelle and the rest of our church youth group would stay up late to prepare for a recollection or for our church’s Senakulo. How she would sacrifice sleep to just have a perfect play, act and church event.

Ate Majelle was everyone’s Ate. And now it’s a wonderful thing to know that she’s extending her “Ate”-ness to couples around the world. This is her job, but this is also her passion. It’s good to know that even though the Wedding scene has been heavily comercialized, there are still some people who really cares about the couple and their wedding.

Ate Majelle, sobrang maraming maraming salamat. You didn’t just organize our wedding, but you helped us figure things out when it was all a mess. And you were a friend who keeps reminding us that is was about Me and Baby, it was about love. Thanks!

A Heartfelt Message from Mr. and Mrs. Baby (Joel & Chona Lirio)