Joel & Laisa


Choosing Ate Maj & Gembso is one of the best decisions that we have made for our wedding. The way she handled everything, there is no doubt that they are very well trained and expert in this kind of business. We booked Ate Maj as our On-the-day wedding coordinator, and to our delight, she never left us from day 1! She was very accommodating to all my messages, and to all my questions considering how “makulit” I was. She helped us along the way and also made sure that everything that we have pictured and imagined will be possible. She helped us contact the best yet affordable suppliers. She also made sure that we were still on-track; budget wise and schedule-wise. She went beyond her scope as our OTD coordinator.


What I like about ate Maj is her sincerity on what she does. Whenever we share our ideas of what we would like to happen in our wedding, she would give her honest opinion on it right there and then.If she thinks it is not possible, she will tell you with all honesty and sincerity. She’s not the type who would say yes to all your ideas just to please you. She will give suggestions but she will leave all the decisions up to you. We also liked her tough personality. We never doubted how she would handle things. For us, wedding planners/coordinators should have these qualities.


Ate Maj made sure that GEMBSO Team will guide us all the way. While we’re planning our wedding, my fiancé (now husband) and I were very confident that we made the right decision. We were very confident that everything will go smoothly because we chose the best. And she never failed us. I will never forget all the meetings that we had. I will also never forget how every after our meeting I will feel relieved and excited. I would always tell Jruz “Iba talaga si ate Maj, natatanggal lahat ng worries ko”. And Jruz would often tell me “I’m sure Maj can handle it very well because she seemed very expert and she knows what she’s doing”.


During our wedding day, everything that we had planned was executed very well. Tasks were distributed to all the Gembso angels. I was relaxed all the time. It helps knowing and seeing your wedding coordinator as relax as she seems.  As a bride, we would always want a perfect wedding, but I do understand that wedding coordinators are not magicians. There are still circumstances which can be unforeseen, and which you cannot control, but as long as your wedding coordinator knows what she’s doing, there is no need to worry. Ate Maj and her team are very well prepared (hindi mo pa sinasabi, alam na nila ang gagawin nila).  From repairing a broken zipper of a bridesmaid’s dress to bringing shawls (matching our motif-enough for my bridesmaids, kasi kung wala, hindi papayagan maglakad ang mga abay ko)! They just know what to do as if they already experienced it before! Ate Maj and her team did not disappoint us!

We are very grateful to have chosen Gembso Events and Beyond. We can’t imagine having anyone else. We had a wonderful and memorable wedding plus we gained a wonderful friend who really knows how to cook! Ahahhaha.



Gembso Events and Beyond really made us secure and brought the peace of mind to us which I know, is the most essential feeling amidst one of the most important day of our lives.  The service that they gave is really a value for the money.

You may compare their rates to other event organizers/coordinators but the dedication,  expertise and most importantly the passion for the work that this team have shown is really incomparable. Really, one of the best choices we’ve made is choosing Gembso Events and Beyond!

So if you want to have a successful wedding event, choose wisely! Choose Gembo Events and Beyond!


Thanks! Gembso! We really are grateful for the job well done! Cheers!

 -Joel & Laisa Cruz