God has his own plans! You are meant for us, Leanda & Bryan #LBroadtoforever


GCT-Bryan and Leanda1It’s been a few months already but I can still remember when Bryan proposed May 2015, I remembered I readily inquired if you’re available on our target wedding date, but unfortunately you’re already taken then. ๐Ÿ˜” Nonetheless since that day you’re already helping me with some of my queries and giving me suggestions especially I’m really clueless on how to start with the preps. But God has his own plans, although we were not able to pursue the church wedding last 2016, He gave it to us the year after. We are so blessed that all our chosen suppliers from the first time we planned this wedding are still the same suppliers that we got and that includes Gembso as our coordinator. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Being far makes me more anxious regarding the preps. Given that I’m already anxious from the start because as much as I want to be hands on with everything, I just can’t; and with you always there to answer all my questions and give me just the right suggestions I needed ease away from all those anxieties. Your templates are overwhelming but helpful indeed. You are always there basta may tanong ako that it doesn’t look like my time difference tayo napapaisip nga ako noon kung natutulog ka pa ba? ๐Ÿ˜œ You make us see reality in such events that we are able to prepare for it. Our meetings are on point. May konting chikahan but we never missed any details of our concern. Madali ka kasi kausap. It shows your professionalism and expertise in this field. Not only that, I know kasama kita sa pagpray ng good weather ng panahong yun at lahat n ng pangontra sa ulan naisip din natin. ๐Ÿ˜Š
GCT-Bryan and Leanda2
The big day came, and I remember na anxious ako noong una pero when you arrived together with your angels, kumampante na ako. I reminded myself like what you told me before na wag pakastress ang bride. I enjoyed every moment and it was such a wonderful day for us. Thanks to you and your angels, as well as all the suppliers for that day. It was a pleasure working with you. Much love and God bless!

From your Gembso bride,
Leanda Aquino-Geron

Holy Trinity Parish Church
Club Yolanda