Ina Gonda-Ramos now married to Jomar Ramos on GEMBSO #RoadtoRamos2017


It’s been only a little over a month now since our wedding day. My husband and I have been so blessed to have all the support of family and friends when we decided to get married. I personally expected to experience a lot of stress and challenges during the wedding planning period only because you hear a lot of “horror” stories from previous brides. To be truly honest, there was no day in the process that came close to my fears. I had the smoothest wedding planning process up to the day itself and I can only be thankful to all the love and support of our parents, my husband, and Maj of GEMBSO.

Long before the wedding, I knew I had to get a wedding coordinator. Even if my husband and I knew exactly what we wanted for the wedding day – which suppliers to get and all the details in between – someone professional had to be behind the most special day in our lives. Wedding coordinators do not just “plan” your wedding, they execute what you want the way you like it and they deliver. With years of experience, we knew that only GEMBSO can do it.

As an event organizer myself (although in a different industry), I tend to be very particular with details in the different aspects that make an event successful. I know exactly what goes behind the curtains during a show/event and it’s so much work than what meets the eye. During our first meeting with Maj, my husband and I instantly knew it had to be her and her team. A lot of people would say she is tough, frank, and strict, but that’s exactly what the job calls for. At that moment, we knew she could handle anything.

Months passed and there was no day that she did not assist us with everything we needed. She was always so “extra” with her tips and tricks to a fun and light planning session. She had everything – from contacts to music ideas to props. She spoke with so much knowledge in the profession and we knew it will be worth it.

For couples who wish to tie the knot soon and are considering to hire a wedding coordinator, remember that it’s also important to keep an open mind during the planning period. They are called professionals for a reason. They are not hired to follow everything you ask for; they will try to align your ideas so you can have a smooth wedding day. Things may get challenging but have faith in them because they will deliver to the best of their abilities. GEMBSO truly played a big role in making our wedding day memorable. 5 weeks later, we can look back and remember how everything was carried out smoothly and beautifully. Thank you, GEMBSO!

📷 TeamBenitez

Video by Tour De Force Films